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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Bare Beats - I Won't Sleep Again Part 1

Ez all Bare Beats has officially dropped his latest ep on Takaba Records . Its a heavy release and not just straight up hip hop . Go check out Bare Records and see for yourself as you can hear the whole ep before buying .

You can pick up the ep @ Itunes , Amazon & BandCamp

"This EP takes you to the next step of music making. There is more than just a bass and some lyric's here. There's imagination and craftsmanship all thanks to the man behind the scenes, Bare Beats." The Mag

"This is Bare Beats, and the news that “I Wont Sleep Again” is the first release of a four-part E.P project has got U.K Hip-Hop fans very excited for the forthcoming future."Hip Hop Kings

Overall, a very good and well constructed release. As usual the sound quality is great too, sounds crisp and clean and full. "Never Gona" and "I was just" are really the picks of the bunch, definitely the sort of music I like to listen to. Amazon User Review

It's a bit trippy, but we can't stop listening to it! Word On The Beat

if you are looking for something new and well produced Bare Beats' 'I Wont Sleep Again' is worth a listen! Black Budget