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Bare Records has been running since 2001, started by Bare Beats the label has involved into a family of artist and other labels all pushing together to get heard. Staying away from any clicky scene or any particular band wagon sound, Bare Records makes moves into new areas and countries bringing music that has soul but also makes your neck bang. We got bored of our normal site, so read this to find out what's happening with the Bare Recs family.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Stray Dog

Not hip hop , but highly infulenced on the production and this girl has a next level voice . Check it and pass it on . All tracks produced by Bare Beats . Peace

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Bare Beats - I Won't Sleep Again Part 1

Ez all Bare Beats has officially dropped his latest ep on Takaba Records . Its a heavy release and not just straight up hip hop . Go check out Bare Records and see for yourself as you can hear the whole ep before buying .

You can pick up the ep @ Itunes , Amazon & BandCamp

"This EP takes you to the next step of music making. There is more than just a bass and some lyric's here. There's imagination and craftsmanship all thanks to the man behind the scenes, Bare Beats." The Mag

"This is Bare Beats, and the news that “I Wont Sleep Again” is the first release of a four-part E.P project has got U.K Hip-Hop fans very excited for the forthcoming future."Hip Hop Kings

Overall, a very good and well constructed release. As usual the sound quality is great too, sounds crisp and clean and full. "Never Gona" and "I was just" are really the picks of the bunch, definitely the sort of music I like to listen to. Amazon User Review

It's a bit trippy, but we can't stop listening to it! Word On The Beat

if you are looking for something new and well produced Bare Beats' 'I Wont Sleep Again' is worth a listen! Black Budget

Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Kemistry - The Jumble Ep (Free Download)

The Kemistry have just dropped a freebie ep, with some previously released tracks and some new demo type tracks .. I can't big this up too much without sounding like a self promoting arse hole, so just download it, drop it on ya ipod, laugh at the artwork & have a listen and see what ya think fo ya self's .. Pz ..

01 . Window - The Tour EP
02 . mascot - The Kemistry EP
03 . Plugin Baby - Promo
04 . The Core Live - The Tour EP
05 . Shrinking Fear - The Kemistry EP
06 . The Mosquito Song - Cover Demo
07 . The Craving - Album Demo

The Kemistry Bio

The East London duo of vocalist/songwriter Kemi and Producer/Beat maker Bare Beats magnificently blend two disparate pools of musical influences and differences to create a new sounds that defies simple categorisation.

As journalists have attempted to slap ‘trip-hop’, ‘down tempo dub’, ‘dub’ and many more, the truth is the only way to describe The Kemistry sound is to call it...The Kemistry sound.

Rocking shows with a live backing band and frequently collaboration with MCs, The Kemistry have created and intense buzz in the UK underground music scene, solidified with the release of their 2009 EP 'The Tour', and their follow up single 'The Core'

The Kemistry Myspace
The Kemistry Facebook

Download Here

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Modulok & Bare Beats 'Traffic Ep Volume 1'

No bullshit, just straight up hip hop. Like the good old days of one dj and one mc, Modulok and Beats bring chemistry with their music, they keep ish moving. The Traffic ep is a collection of remixes and some unreleased tracks, the diversity in Beats as a producer and Modulok’s indie tongue brings together a nice lil’ release .

Bare Beats (The Kemistry / Takaba Records)
Modulok (Red Ants / Takaba Records)

Happiness (Remix) ft, Jabba Tha Kut
Cool & Deadly (Remix) ft, Apollo Creed
People (Remix) ft, Jabba Tha Kut
Ink Spots (Remix)
Verses (Remix)
Dreams (Unreleased)
Your Everything
Traffic (Unreleased)